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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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The sermons for May 2014 will be:

                   June 1, 2014 - "Ascension = A Mission for Me" Acts 1 - Confirmation Sunday
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     The Lord is in need of your gifts!  As a Christian you have been gifted by the Lord with certain gifts and he is calling you forth to use those for His Kingdom, your church (Calvary United Methodist Church) and to assist your pastor (Rev. Perry Schnabel).  Yes, there are things that need to be done here at Calvary, but please, I do not want to hear – “The Pastor should do………”  I cannot do much more unless you want me to risk burn out, and besides, whatever I do that you could do stunts your own personal growth as a Christian for you are to be growing toward maturity.  Also – being too young or too old is not a disqualification – just see the many examples in scripture.

     In fact, is there a need that the Lord has made you aware of…then, why are you not doing it?  Find someone else who sees that need as well and go do it, you do not need my permission to perform ministry, unless it is going to take finances – and even then just ask.

     We have all of the following positions immediately available for anyone to carry out ministry for the Lord here at Calvary United Methodist Church:

Ø  Church Offering Counters to count and deposit church offerings following the Sunday morning services.  We could use two to four individuals to fill these positions.  Call the office or contact Lorette Hoopman, Finance Chairperson.

Ø  Prayer Partners Leader- We are in absolute need of prayer partners for our church who will gather for prayer for ten or fifteen minutes prior to either or both services on Sunday mornings, and of course, we need a leader who is willing to be there and just give a little direction to the ministry.  Contact the church office or Pastor.

Ø  Christian Education Coordinator & Assistant Christian Education Coordinator (honorariums available) who will give direction to our Youth Sunday School program, Children’s Activities Time, Youth Christmas Program and Daily Vacation Bible School.  These positions are available beginning in late July.  Please contact the church office or Pastor.

Ø  Sunday School Teachers for our youth (3-year-olds to 5th grade).  These positions are available beginning with the new school year but we need to know immediately if this is something you would like to do.  I will even accept some upper high school age young people for these positions.  Contact the church office or Pastor.

Ø  AWANA leaders and listeners are needed for next fall.  It is not too early to let us know of your interest in helping out in this terrific ministry to our youth (3-year-olds to 6th grade).  We have a number of youth not presently a part of Calvary United Methodist Church that come and it is a great opportunity to share your life with young people.  We need a few leaders and we also can use just listeners who will listen to the children say their memory verses.  High school students are also welcome to share in this ministry.  Please contact the church office, Pastor or Beckie Dronen, our Commander.

Ø  Adult Sunday School – is there someone interested in getting another Adult Sunday School class together that might concentrate on a specific subject, topic or book of the Bible?  Let me know – we will see what we can accomplish.

Ø  Worship Leaders and Worship Team Members:  Is the Lord calling you to help in our worship?  This could include previous confirmation students or adults willing to take part in certain portions of our services. We could also use additional Worship Team members to assist in leading the congregation in song.  Contact Pastor or the church office.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of what we need to make an impact for our Lord in our community through our church, but it is what comes immediately to my mind.  Is the Lord calling you?


"CALL - Please"

     In light of recent changes at Sanford Health and the need for everyone to let me or the church office know if you are hospitalized there, I came across the following article:

Dear Churchgoers,

     This may make me sound like I’m either complaining or not good at my job. Neither is the case, though the latter can be debated. The truth is, I’m not a mind reader. Now I bet some of my colleagues have such a Bat-phone line connection with God that with one look at your face, they know your niece's goldfish died. I don’t have such an in with God. I wish I did.

     It may be that I’m just not as holy as some of the pastors you see on television who can tell you what God’s will is for your life (for a nominal fee). I have to rely on a different source. You. Now I understand you might think I should know all the things that are happening with you. I really do want to. Most of my fellow pastors would agree. We love to know the things that are going on in your life. We want to hear all about it. But there’s a good chance that we won’t know if you never tell us.

     I’m a lot duller than I’m given credit for. I’d be one of the disciples Jesus would look at incredulously and ask, “Are you so dull?” Because you see, I’m a bit slow. Dense even. I definitely live up to the title associated with my moniker: I’m a dreamer. Now this has its upside—it makes me optimistic. It helps me come up with great ideas. But it also has a terrible downside in that it keeps me inside my own head. When you add my severe introvertedness on top of that — I just need help. From you.

     If you don’t tell me that your closest third cousin who lives on the other side of the country passed away, there’s a chance that I won’t know until it works its way through the grapevine of the church. Or if you’re in the hospital for a minor procedure and didn’t tell a soul, and you’re upset with me for not checking up on you, it’s probably because I just didn’t know. I know this sounds like an excuse (it is) but there are other people in the church that, God bless their soul, need me for something. You may be thinking, “Why does my pastor spend so much time with them and not much with me?” Well, there’s a small chance it’s because I don’t like you. (I know, I know. Horrible. But pastors are people too, and like all people, we’re broken.) But the more likely answer is that it’s because the other folks are probably letting me know when they need to see me.

     Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot a pastor needs to do throughout the week. We can’t always go through the directory to call folks one by one to see how they’re doing. We’d like to be able to do this, but things sometimes happen that take us away from the desk. Like the bathroom flooding. Again.

     You’re not bothering me if you’re at the hospital and want a visit. Call me. Don’t think you’re being a burden if you’re struggling and need to talk. Call. I want to have conversations about your faith, God, and your life’s journey. Believe me, I would rather do that than answer emails from the District Superintendent.

     Sharing life is one of the best things about ministry, and something I feel honored and privileged to do. But sometimes, I need your help to let me know what’s going on in your life. Don’t give me too much credit and assume that I know everything. I don’t. So let me know. I’ll be grateful that you called to share what’s going on. And I’ll definitely make my way to visit you soon.      (Article by Joseph Yoo, a Ministry Matters contributor and pastor of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Santa Barbara, CA.)
Our church is in need of Prayer Partners who will pray until our church catches the Holy Spirit’s vision for our church. Are there those among us who will pray prior to our services on Sundays or go on prayer walks around our community? Is there one among us who feels the call of the Holy Spirit on their heart to lead this vital ministry need? Please talk to Pastor or call the church office to become involved in this vital ministry.
 "Spiritual Life? Or Death!"
Dealing with the Spiritual lives of individuals is always an adventure into the unpredictable. One is never quite sure what they are going to encounter. There may be great thrills or huge disappointments. There may be truth or great pretense. Jesus often encountered both. There were those who humbly came seeking the truth and those who only had a facade.
It reminds me of a true story told by Vialo Weis of Oklahoma City. “When elderly Adele Gaboury turned up missing, concerned neighbors in Worcester, Massachusetts, informed the police. A brother told police she had gone into a nursing home.
Satisfied with that information, Gaboury’s neighbor’s began watching her property. Michael Crowley notices her mail, delivered through a slot in the door, piling high. When he opened the door, hundreds of pieces of mail drifted out. He notified police, and the deliveries were stopped.
Gaboury’s next-door neighbor, Eileen Dugan, started paying her grandson $10.00 twice a month to mow Gaboury’s lawn. Later Dugan’s son noticed Gaboury’s pipes had frozen, spilling water out the door. The utility company was called to shut off the water.
What no one guessed was that while they’d been trying to help, Gaboury had been inside her home. When police finally investigated the house as a health hazard, they were shocked to find her body. The Washington Post (10/27/93) reported that police now believe Gaboury died of natural causes four years ago.
The respectable, external appearance of Gaboury’s house had hidden the reality of what was on the inside. Something similar can happen to people: We may appear outwardly proper while spiritually dead. All sorts of religious activity may be happening outside, while the real problem is missed; spiritual death on the inside. We need life, not a tidy facade.”
Sadly though, I see lots of people who are continuing to do that on a daily basis. They are keeping up a nice tidy facade. They do enough religious activities and say enough of the right words to make it look good. Regrettably, many people are fooled into believing that there is real spiritual life in that person, when in reality there is only death. Like Adele, sometimes it takes four years or even longer for anyone to catch on. Of course, it does not assist the matter when we have so many people, like her neighbors, who are more than willing to help us cover up the reality of spiritual death instead of investigating more deeply to find the truth.
Is there spiritual life in your heart or is it only a tidy facade? People may not know, but the Lord, the Judge of the Universe knows. Is your name truly in the Book of Life?