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Monday, August 20, 2018
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Greater Grand Forks CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)


JULY 2018

The Singer's Score

     It was a scorching day on the beach as Rachel and I walked on the shore line looking for someone new to start a conversation with.    Rachel spotted two women sitting in chairs near the back of the beach and approached them, introducing ourselves and asking if they had time to answer a few questions about life and spiritual things. The women immediately said yes and we sat down to get to know them a little bit and ask them some questions.  We soon discovered that these women were a mother and her daughter-in-law who had some similar passions, but other passions were extremely different. We also learned that the mother had a spiritual background and that the daughter-in-law did not grow up with any type of spiritual background. As the conversation progressed it was very clear that the mother was a believer who walked with Jesus, but that her daughter-in-law took a ton of pride in her work, was self-focused, a hard -worker, and prideful in the fact that if she messed something up she would figure out how to do it better next time. She also felt as though she didn't need to rely on someone else like God when she could do things on her own.  Despite her lack of need for God she agreed to let us share more about what we believe and Rachel got to walk the mother and her daughter-in-law through the gospel. Rachel got to share how God loves us and has plan for us, how people are sinful and separated from God, how Jesus death on the cross is the only way we can be forgiven of our sin and have a relationship with Him, and how we must respond by surrendering our lives to Christ. As we shared the good news of Jesus, the mother answered every question spot on and the daughter-in-law sat quietly listening. At the end we asked if her life had Christ on the outside or Christ on the inside. She said the outside and that she wanted it to stay that way, because she doesn't need to rely on God, she can try harder and do things on her own.
     Rachel and I were sad to hear this woman say that she thinks she can try harder and do things on her own without God, but we were also so encouraged because the entire time that Rachel was sharing the gospel, the mother kept looking at me and mouthing the words, "Thank You!" and "This is soo Good!" over and over again! Clearly, this mother had been praying that her daughter-in-law would hear about Jesus and that day we were an answer to her prayers. Rachel and I went out to share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and we left the results to God. Hopefully one day, this woman will see her sin, her brokenness, and her need for Jesus.  But maybe, just maybe our conversation opened the door for this mother and daughter-in-law to talk more about Jesus.
Your Partners in the Great Commission, 
Pray for this woman and others like her who desire to try harder and don't see their need for Jesus.
Pray for students in NMB and other state side summer missions to be bold in sharing their faith in these last few weeks before mission ends around August 4.
Pray for our team as we begin meeting August 6 to plan for the school year & for incoming freshman too.

Todd & Kamaya Singer



We are receiving monthly mission gifts for various projects that we support.


  Ø  Recent gifts:

            June gifts to Interfaith/Benevolence: $ 0


  Ø  Missions for the next few months are as follows:

            July gifts will support Adult & Teen Challenge

            August gifts will support Open Door (Open Door is probably moving to McCabe

            United Methodist Church in the fall of 2018)


Christian Education

Thank You, ladies, for a great Daily Vacation Bible School.  We had the largest attendance in years with an average of 23 children and 14 helpers.


Upcoming events to keep an eye open for are:

  Ø  Block Party/Car Show – August 11, 2018,  3-6 pm; see information on page 7 for more details.

  Ø  AWANA scheduled to start again on September 5.  Time is not yet determined as we are still making plans as to what else will be part of Wednesday night activities as directed by our Journey Renewal prescriptions.

See the CE table on the stairway and entry for more information and to sign up for volunteering.


Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe

This ministry is at 220 N 23rd St in Bismarck.  Volunteers are needed.  Scheduling is available at for 2-hour time slots from 8 am to 7:30 pm.


Sunday School


Is there any interest in an adult Sunday school class or small group meeting during Sunday school hour?  Please share your interest with Pastor.



We have just spruced up our bathroom and kitchen flooring, giving those rooms a much-needed face lift.  We will be doing some painting as well as decorating over the next few months.  Thank you in advance for your gifts to the Building Fund to make this possible.

More Sunday Morning coffee personnel are still needed. 


Break-Through Prayer Initiative

Lacey Nelson and Alisha Mertz have taken the lead of our Prayer Team – thank you ladies.  We are also grateful for those who have begun joining them in the WAR ROOM for prayer.  From now through September 2, they will be gathering at 9:30 am for prayer on Sunday mornings.  Beginning on September 9, the time will move to 8:30 am and will continue up to the 10:00 am worship for persons who wish to go in the WAR ROOM.  Please continue to be in prayer for our worship services, the pastor and those participating in the service as well as all people that God will bring to the services, including visitors.  The Prayer Team will also be praying for requests on prayer cards which will be offered in the pews beginning on July 22.

I was very proud of our church on June 23 as 12 people from our church participated in the SUMMER PRAYER KICKOFF at the North Dakota State Capital Mall.  Now let us pray for our community in this initiative called, “One In Christ”.

Children and Youth Cohort

Exciting News!  Through discernment of the Bishop and Cabinet, WE have been selected to participate in this cohort to support, train and guide the children and youth ministry of our church through Steph Caro of Youth Ministry Architects.  This is especially for churches that do not have a paid youth pastor or leader to help us develop a stronger, more vital program that will reach the children and youth in our community.  The cost is just $250 and those who have signed up to participate are: Lacey Nelson, Alisha Mertz, Michele Unrath, plus we may take others along with us at times.



The Open Door Witness, is now available on-line at Please click on that address, or copy and paste it into the address line of your browser. The Open Door Community Center in Bismarck is a special mission project of the Dakotas Conference and is supported by UMC churches in North and South Dakota. Our mission is "Through the Open Door Community Center, children and families receive Christian-based education and support services, enriching them to become responsible members of their families and community."

We welcome your comments and questions about the newsletter, programs and services. Contact me at 701-222-3004 or

Jolene Stading Puhalla, Director of Open Door Community Center.