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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Greater Grand Forks CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)


March 2018

The Singer's Score

     Over Spring break each year we send students to different locations around the U.S. to be trained and develop some of their ministry skills in addition to growing in their walk with the Lord. This year we sent students to 2 different locations, Houston and Chicago.  
     In Houston, students worked in various communities helping with hurricane relief and assisting people in rebuilding their homes from the aftermath of hurricane Harvey.  In Chicago, students partnered with Cru Inner City where they sought to love people and share the gospel with them. 
     One of Todd’s disciples,  Luke, went to Houston and absolutely loved it.  Luke said,  “It was so great to be able to help people with the rebuilding process and to be able to share the gospel not only through speaking with these people but then also show them a part of the gospel in helping and caring for them.”  We love being able to give students opportunities to love and care for the people of the world just as God cares for them.  
     Gabe, a sophomore at UND,  shared about his time in Chicago: “Having the opportunity to come in and learn about how churches do ministry and about how God has provided time and time again for this child care center we helped at was amazing. God definitely has opened my eyes to how much I don’t trust him in my every day life as I saw how these people in the inner city trust him for so much more every day.”  
     We love spring break because of the opportunities it gives students to leave campus and not only see, but also be a part of how God is at work around the world. He is a God who is everywhere and is working in and through so many lives that we don’t even recognize!     
Your Partners in the Great Commission, 
Pray for our students as we begin to wrap up the year that we would continue to share the gospel and finish the school year well.
Pray for us as we begin to get ready for the summer.  This summer we will be traveling to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on a summer mission with Cru.  We leave May 12 for 6 weeks.


Todd & Kamaya Singer

April = Graner's support ($1250 yearly)
May = Camp Scholarships
June = Interfaith/Benevolence



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